Where food lovers and food makers unite

We're building the modern food hub

As a modern food hub platform, The Public connects communities of creative food makers, growers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and social organizations through physical locations and technology tools. We operate a network of Public markets, shops and kitchens offer specialty and local brands a more integrated, localized supply chain network towards improving the local food system experience.

Shop the Public - Visit a Public-powered market and you'll discover all the goodness your community has to offer. Through food truck festivals to open-air markets, food halls and seasonal events, The Public invites you to gather and share through food, culture and community.

Join the Public - Evolving consumer tastes and creative food entrepreneurs are driving the growth of modern culinary brands around the world. The Public provides a platform of kitchens and markets to help emerging and established brands start, scale and grow.

Our founding team has come from years of experience producing and powering hundreds of market events, drawing thousands to weekly food markets, seasonal events and street festivals; and developing over a million square feet of community-centric real estate, from innovation hubs to makerspaces and retail/hospitality locations.


Kirsta Franke

Founder, Brands & Partnerships


Ken Bautista

Founder, Product & Operations


Tim Hengel

Founder, Development & Real Estate


Amy Hayduk

Markets Manager

Riane Allen

Community Manager

Sarah Matysio

Program Manager