Reaching food lovers, empowering food makers everywhere

The Public is a community uniting food lovers & makers.

Through our marketplace and network of kitchens, markets and retail locations, we bring you closer to your favorite brands, no matter what neighborhood you're in.

We created The Public based on our experience gathering thousands of modern creators and consumers over the last 20 years, building neighborhood farmers' markets, retail and hospitality brands, startup communities and innovation spaces.

The Public Food Hub Co. is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada.

Our team

Tim Hengel

Retail & Real Estate

Peter Keith

Director, Product Operations

Allison Marchand

Market Manager

Abigail Troppmann

Communications Coordinator

Kirsta Franke

Brands & Community

Sarah Matysio

Director, Community Operations

Becky Poschmann

Community Manager

Ken Bautista

Platform & Growth

Amy Hayduk

Director, Location Operations

Loden L’Heureux

Production Manager