FAQ - For Brands

Is my brand a fit for the Public?

We support small to medium sized food businesses by providing affordable long-term, leased spaces or flexible hourly rates with commercially approved kitchens, industry-specific technical assistance, and access to market opportunities. We work with market vendors, farmers, culinary creatives and chefs, producers, non-profits, marketers, and industry experts.

How does the Public help my food business?

The Public provides a platform of tools, services and networks to grow modern food start-ups, businesses and brands. We help you develop products and brands from concept to shelf and houses infrastructure for large scale production of value-added goods. We're part lab, part production facility, part venue and gathering space, and part retail market.

The Public solves the many problems facing the food industry by taking some of the initial cost of acquiring a commercially certified space and providing programs to support opportunity and collaboration. Food startups access our network and expertise to scale up their operations and achieve significant growth in local and global markets.

What kinds of spaces/locations are available?

  • Outdoor and indoor markets
  • Part-time and full-time equipped kitchens
  • Provincially approved AHS kitchen space
  • Federally approved CFIA kitchen space
  • Storage for dry, cold, frozen food products
  • Retail space to showcase my product
  • Venue to host culinary and community events

What's the cost?

There's no cost to join the Public as a food brand. Once you're a Public member, you'll get access to our member site where you can browse kitchens, markets, events and programs.

  • For markets, you pay location and stall fees per event
  • For kitchens, you pay for services and space, which can range from $25 per hour to $1,200 per month
  • For retail outposts, boxes and co-retail programs, we earn a percentage of gross sales that run through our platforms

Do you expect equity in my company?

No, joining the Public doesn't require you to give up equity in your company. That said, we have made direct investments alongside other investors in some brands through equity and/or royalty based agreements.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Just sign up as a brand on our members site here, share a bit of information about yourself and your business.