Doughnut Party Father's Day Drop

Doughnut Party Father's Day Drop

Doughnut Party
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This Public Drop features an exclusive mix of doughnuts, curated just for Father's Day from Doughnut Party. Available in 6 packs.

Ritchieberry Fritter (v) [strawberry + rhubarb + apple]
Banana Hammock (long john) (v) [chocolate + banana]
Daddy Cool (v) [chocolate + peppermint]
Hipsterberry (v) [black currant + lavender]
B'Day Cookie Crumble (v) 
Classic Dip (v) 

All doughnuts contain gluten, soy & sulphites. This curated box is vegan (egg and dairy-free). The box is nut-free however Doughnut Party is not a nut-free kitchen so there is always a possibility of cross-contamination.  

Pre-order and pickup exclusively on June 19th from 12:00 - 3:00 pm at our Public Outpost pop-up in Forest Heights. 

About Doughnut Party

What's better than a regular old party? A doughnut party! What started as a hit at Edmonton's farmer's markets has turned into a local obsession. With a light and fluffy interior and a perfect coating of glaze, these doughnuts will truly knock your socks off.